3-13 Java 9 Updates to Eclipselink Master and 2.6 broke 2.6_WAS

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3-13 Java 9 Updates to Eclipselink Master and 2.6 broke 2.6_WAS

Jody Grassel

The recent changes to Master and 2.6 which updated Eclipselink to ASM 6 have broken 2.6_WAS.  This is because the resources at the ref to http://archive.eclipse.org/rt/eclipselink/compdeps26 from buildsystem/org.eclipse.persistence.parent/pom.xml in 2.6 (and 2.6_WAS) now contains dependency information for ASM 6, which the regular 2.6 branch was updated to consume, but because 2.6_WAS was not, it fails with version range errors.

I've looked at the archive.eclipse.org system (very frustrating that the shell doesn't allow cd, pwd, or mkdir commands) and noticed that what I suspect (and hope) is that the old compdep26-update was renamed to compdeps26-update-20170313. 

Since we are not prepared to move 2.6_WAS to ASM 6 yet, I could conceivably update the 2.6_WAS pom.xml to point to the update-20170313 directory, but I think I would rather maintain a compdeps26 dir that is under 2.6_WAS control (ie, compdeps26_WAS-update).  Since it seems like my access/shell has very limited command use (trying to make compdeps26_WAS-update was when I discovered I could not perform a mkdir), how is a committer supposed to go about creating that resource (which is effectively a mkdir compdeps26_WAS-update followed by a cp -R compdeps26-update-20170313/* compdeps26_WAS-update )?

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