[ANN] EclipseLink 3.0.0 Milestone 1 release

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[ANN] EclipseLink 3.0.0 Milestone 1 release

Lukas Jungmann
We are pleased to announce the availability of the EclipseLink 3.0.0-M1

The most important changes in this milestone release are:

- full adoption of current RC versions of Jakarta EE 9 APIs under
'jakarta' package namespace, thus this release is no longer backwards
compatible with Java EE 8 'javax' APIs. In the other words Jakarta EE 9
is the current baseline for EclipseLink 3.0.0

- reworked build system so it is based just on Maven instead of
Ant/Tycho mix

- limited JPMS support by means of using Automatic-module-names

- dropped Eclipse RCP integration features
- dropped p2 update sites

The Milestone 1 artifacts are available for download as a standalone
binary distribution[1] as well as for consumption through Maven, ie by:



== The EclipseLink Team

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