Adding a toolbar to Eclipse with e4 fragment

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Adding a toolbar to Eclipse with e4 fragment

Fabio Zadrozny
Hi All,

I'm trying to add a new toolbar to eclipse in a plugin with a fragment.e4xmi (to extend org.eclipse.e4.legacy.ide.application), yet, the given toolbar keeps on being the rightmost toolbar, even after the quick access/perspective switcher (and it works properly if I just create a regular toolbar with the e3 compatibility layer).

I've tried to fiddle with the trim contribution and toolbar position without success so far (it does appear as the last item before the quick access once when I create a new workspace, but if the workspace already exists, it always appears as the rightmost element for me).

I'm adding a screenshot attached to show what I mean.

Is this use-case supported and I'm just somehow specifying the placement wrong (in which case it'd be nice to have some example on what should be the proper way to do add a toolbar extending org.eclipse.e4.legacy.ide.application) or should I just create a toolbar with the compatibility layer?  (and open a bug report)



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