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Build Project implementation question

JR Heisey



My specific immediate need is to identify the interface and entry point used by the ‘Build Project’ menu selection.


I have a custom project type which was developed by a consulting firm. The contract was ended prematurely and now I am trying to fix an issue.


The specific problem is that the ‘Build Project’ menu selection is performing the wrong build activity. This used to work but in the latest code commit (about July 2016) it does not. I think the original build process got swapped out for another.


I have little specific knowledge of the Eclipse architecture. It is my understanding (that the plugin.xml file references implementation classes with which the framework then dynamically instantiates then calls exposed interface functions.


A general question is where can I learn what are the key interfaces for the CDT and what code calls these interfaces? I have a couple of books on Eclipse plug in development. I don’t remember whether they have any CDT specific information.



J.R. Heisey



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