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CDT 9.11.0 RC2

Jonah Graham
Hello folks,

CDT for Eclipse 2020-03 RC2 has now been posted and the cdt_9_11 branch has been created in git. The build will become our release next Wed assuming no respins are required. 

CDT is planning on shipping 9.11.0 as part of the 2020-03 release. Please have a look at the New and Noteworthy and the active and completed bugs to see what is planned for this release.

The CDT p2 repo is and is based on commit eb9d7624  

As we are currently building CDT against the Eclipse Platform latest milestone the CDT Standalone debugger is available now. The complete bundled C/C++ Package (the one that will be posted to will be ready this Friday/Saturday.

This is our schedule for publishing CDT's contribution to the simultaneous release. See SimRel Plans for further details.  (The EPP generally will be available on Friday of the same week):
Today - 2020-03 RC2
Then we are in Quiet week(s) until the release on Wed 18 Mar.

Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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