CDT and Docker: need testing and review support

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CDT and Docker: need testing and review support

Moritz Strübe
Hi there,

I'm currently fixing the Docker support for CDT. Specifically I'm
currently fixing the "copy includes from the container" stuff. After
adding support for symlinks (and fixing linuxtools[1], too), it seems to
be working pretty well. Currently the code is a bit of a mess, but I'm
planing to clean it up in the next days and submit a first version to
gerrit. I could use some support from experienced developers and Linux*1
users reviewing the code and testing. I'd also like to add some very
basic test to ensure that this will not break in the future without
anyone noticing. As I did a deep dive into the code I'd appreciate if
someone could  give me an outline how I can setup such a test and tell
me whether it is at all possible to run docker in the test environment
(probably not? :-( ).


*1: The main reason fixing this is that I must use Windows, but my
toolchain is Linux. :/


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