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Callisto Release Review - Success

Paul Clenahan
Callisto Release Review - Success


FYI we had the Callisto Release Review this morning. This was the review that included the "abridged" slides that I sent out to everyone last week. As usual with a Release Review, we did not go through all the slides in detail, but rather it was a Q&A session.

Pending final approval on all IP items, the Callisto review was a success.

For BIRT we have a number of pending items that were noted though:

  • The link to the BIRT 2.1 Project Log in the slides did not work -- I will work with Jason to get that resolved today.
  • Janet/Eclipse Legal has still to review the About files -- they are working on that (no action for us).
  • Optionally, all projects are requested to post a full set of Release Review slides for the community -- I plan on doing that by next week for BIRT.


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