Can I port the AST of eclipse 3.1 to eclipse 2.1.3?

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Can I port the AST of eclipse 3.1 to eclipse 2.1.3?

Sudhan Moghe

We are developing our product (not an IDE) on top of Eclipse platform.
We are using Eclipse 3.1 jars for running standalone product. But we
also provide the facility to plugin modules in Eclipse 2.1.3 & WSAD.

We are using the JDT Core (non ui part of JDT) to create Java Model.
Previously we were usign ANTLR and recently switched to JDT. But it
seems that many of the AST classes are not present in 2.1.3. And AST
of version 2.1.3 has limited functionality. We use the AST tree for
analyzing the code and we also modify the tree to fixing the problems
found. Will I be able to implement this with AST of 2.1.3.

If not then, can I use AST classes of 3.1 in Eclipse 2.1.3. I mean in
my plugin for 2.1.3 without touching JDT plugins of 2.1.3. I will use
these AST classes without messing with other JDT classes. I understand
that I may need to change the code of AST to port it to 2.1.3. What I
am asking is can I do that? Is it possible? technically & legally?

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