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Cleaning up inactive committers

Doug Schaefer-3

Hey gang, it’s time to clean up our committer list. This is something I haven’t done in a long time and have promised to do for a while. It’s important that people, users and vendors, understand concretely how may active committers remain.


For this step, I’ve looked at all commits in the last 9 months as well as the committer vote for John Dallaway back in August and these people appear inactive.


Patrick Chuong

Marc Dumais

Andrew Gvozdev

Mark Khouzam

Theodor Madan

Vladimir Prus

Chris Recoskie

Alvaro Sanches-Leon

Markus Schorn

William Swanson


If anyone of these people are watching and want to be kept active, please let me know by tomorrow.


BTW, that’s half of our existing committers. And if I look too close, we could cut another half of the remaining in the upcoming months. CDT isn’t very active these days and hopefully new contributors will come along and help us out.




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