[Correction] Master is open for 4.17 RC2 contributions and 4.17 RC2 reminders

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[Correction] Master is open for 4.17 RC2 contributions and 4.17 RC2 reminders

Sravan K Lakkimsetti



My earlier mail indicated api free as sep 2 but we already did api freeze in RC1. Here is the corrects schedule


Master branch is open for RC2 contributions.


We are scheduled to promote and contribute 4.17 RC2 to the simrel on Friday the September 4th.


Here is the schedule:


Wednesday 2 Sep -- Release Candidate build

Thursday 3 Sep -- Bug verification and Sign-off 4.17 RC2

Friday 4 Sep -- 4.17 RC2 Promotion and contribution to SimRel


Here is the freeze plan: https://www.eclipse.org/eclipse/development/plans/freeze_plan_4_17.php

Please note the following excerpt from the freeze plan:



All fixes submitted must have a project lead or PMC vote on the bug report, and the fix must be reviewed by an additional committer (any committer other than the one who made the fix). A positive review from a project lead or PMC member means implicit approval and no vote is needed on the bug report. Ongoing changes to documentation, tests or examples do not require approval.






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