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Scott Lewis-2
Hi Folks,

For the 06-2020 simultaneous release, ECF is going to release 3.14.8.  
There is currently a staging repo here [1].

I've tested the karaf features in this staging repo and they seem to be
fine.   Please do some installs into recent versions of Eclipse and
report any issues.

Mat would you please let me know when you are ready for the final
build/deploy of 3.14.8?  I will then update the download and other web
pages, as well as the marketplace version.

For everyone's awareness, there are a number of new additions to the ECF
github repo...including a new distribution provider built on gRPC
(Google's rpc/protocol buffers) [2], an improved JaxRS-based
distribution provider based upon Jersey [3], both a discovery and
distribution provider based upon Hazelcast [4], and a distribution
provider based upon Apache Dubbo [5].   Also support for bndtools-based
bundle development has been enhanced significantly [6].








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