Eclipse "Juno" release next week

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Eclipse "Juno" release next week

Denis Roy

Next week will be hosting its annual release, where many OSS
projects -- 72, to be exact --  participate in a coordinated,
simultaneous release.  This year, it's called "Juno" and it's slated for
June 27.

We'll be adding an extra 200-300 Mbps of bandwidth for the event.  For
many of you, this release won't even create a spike in your traffic
charts  :-)   However, to make sure the event unfolds smoothly, we'll be
putting the files up for rsync at least 24h before the actual release to
allow all our mirrors to sync up.

I just wanted to thank all the mirror maintainers for their continued
support and for the infrastructure that makes obtaining Eclipse
possible.  You folks "rock!"

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