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portal on behalf of Scott Rosenbaum

Bjorn has put up a site that delineates the break down of conference sessions.  This can be found at:

For those of you that would like to cut to the chase, here are the BIRT allocations.
Long Talk Short Talk Panel Demo Long Tutorial Short Tutorial
5 6

As a starting point I would recommend the following skeleton for our conference allocations.  Once we agree on the skeleton I will make it a little bit better looking and we can post it to our web site to get some community feed back and see if what we are offering matches up with what people would like to see. 

Long Talks
    - Introduction to BIRT (similar to all ready prepared content)
    - Advanced BIRT Report Development (scripting etc.)
    - Integrating BIRT into your Apps (as in past)
    - BIRT Charting (new content on the Chart API and stand-alone Chart integration)
    - Featured Customer Presentation on use of BIRT

Short Talks 
    - Customer presentations

    - not sure yet

Demo (couple of candidates)
    - Report Development Demo
    - Chart Demo
    - Integration Demo
    - Design API demo
    - Perhaps do commercial product demo of things build on BIRT?

Long Tutorial
This is intended as a hands on tutorial.  Based on the complexity of getting a room full of people all configured to work in concert, I think this should be limited to a report development, simple integration demo.  If we try to take on too much here, then the poor presenter will spend the entire three hour session running around saying "you forgot a semi-colon", "you need a backslash", etc.  I think the hands on element makes this the trickiest of all the sessions.  That said, I think we should try to cover:
    - Basic GUI based report development
    - Simple Report Scripting to modify expressions and look and feel
    - Simple Report scripting to achieve Java Object and J2EE container integration
    - Simple Integration examples with Web Viewer and Report Engine API

Short Tutorials (couple of candidates)
    - ODA development example (could try to get this into a Mashup presentation or into DTP)
    - Chart Design API and Integration
    - Chart Extension
    - Design Engine API
    - Report Engine API Integration and Deployment
    - Report Item extension, working with all non data related extension points
Some of these topics could be combined, but based on past experience I think we should try to focus on one topic and cover it in more depth rather than cover lots of topics with no depth.

Let me know what you think,


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