Event listeners relationship with GTK

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Event listeners relationship with GTK

Ian Pun
Hi everyone,

I've been doing some code traversing for a few days to better understand
how SWT handles events with uses of ___event.java, ___Listener.java, and

Now my main question is, where is the communication done between GTK to
SWT in order for SWT events to have the correct information given from
GTK? For example, say the user does a mouse event of clicking down. My
understanding is is that Widget:windowProc will get the gtk event of the
mouse down action, and deal with it using gtk_button_press_event(). But,
how does it eventually run down to any event listeners that are hooked
to SWT.MouseDown?

I am working on creating the Gestures event listener for GTK here and
this information will help me greatly :

thank you,

Ian Pun
Software Engineering Intern at Red Hat
Eclipse Team

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