Formatting of Javadoc and other comments in CDT

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Formatting of Javadoc and other comments in CDT

Jonah Graham
Hello folks,,

Please see/comment on Bug 563011 which reads:

When we applied Bug 540373 to format all CDT source code to a consistent format we explicitly did not apply formatting to Javadoc and other comments. See Bug 540373 COmment 0 for why.

Since then it has become apparent that this is less than ideal for most cases as it means that devs have to manually format *all* javadoc comments, which is tedious.

This bug is to consider making all comments formatted too, with an attempt at putting no format tags around comments that are well crafted.

If we do this we'll apply it to all active branches so that cherry-picking new code between branches stays trivial.


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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