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Leo Ufimtsev


I've done a bit of SWT bugzilla bug analysis.

Here are some findings:

Interestingly, the number of new Linux/SWT bug submissions has been consistently the same in the last 10 years. I.e, in the last 10 years there were on average 376.75 new (Linux) bug reports per year.
Inline image 2

When comparing Win/Mac/Linux:
- Mac had a spike in bugs in 2009/2008 (700+ bugs/year),  (maybe PowerPC->Intel move related?) but mostly stable 300-100 bugs/year otherwise.
- Windows had a lot of bugs initially (I suppose because of higher user base), and has been hovering between 300-100 bugs/year since 2010.
- As of 2012, linux had more bug reports than Win/Cocoa. Presumably because of the Gtk2 -> Gtk3 & Webkit1 -> Webkit2 port.

Inline image 1

In total, since 2000, windows had the most bug reports, followed by Linux and then Mac:
Inline image 2

In terms of open bugs:

Currently, Windows has the most bug reports. But one should consider eclipse has (probably?) more windows users.
Inline image 1

LINUX details:
We have 137 gtk3-only bugs, in contrast only around ~16 Wayland bugs.
Inline image 3

There are around 40 Ubuntu specific bugs. (Ubuntu is switching from Unity to Gnome, which may make many bugs obsolete).
Inline image 4

Severity wise we have:  (Linux bugs)
81% are Normal    (631)
12.5% are Major    (97)
1.4 % are Critical.  (11)
1%< are Blockers  (3)

Inline image 5

In contrast, 98% have a priority of 'P3', which suggests we should
probably be more mindful about increasing/decreasing bug priorities
to help us understand which bugs to focus on.

Inline image 6

There isn't an specific widget that has the most bugs, although Tree/Table make up 9% of the bugs (these are the most complex & most used widgets).
Inline image 7

I didn't get around to providing details for Win/Cocoa, but if interested let me know and I can let you know how I've research for Linux.

Let me know if you have any other data inquiries.

Thank you.

Leo Ufimtsev, Software Engineer, Red Hat

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