Help on syntax error markers and swiglies in the java editor

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Help on syntax error markers and swiglies in the java editor

philip varghese
I am new to eclipse and would appreciate some pointers to how the implementaion details of showing the syntax error markers and the red swinglies that appear under the word as the user types in the java editor.

I am writing a editor plugin for a new scripting language and here is what i have done. I have a Nature and Builder for my project and in the Builder i create an IMarker for the file resource (my script file) being build and set the error messages from my language evaluator on to the marker and this displays the marker in the "gutter" region once i save the file(the method is called as the "build automatically" option is turned on).

However i would like to get the same effect as the java editor where the marker and the red swiglies appear as the user types in ..

Any explanation or documentation on how to implement this feature would be very helpful.


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