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MOXy: Variable interpolation of XML element values

Jens Offenbach

I need variable interpolation in all of my XML element values, e.g. <test>${my.test} TEST</test> should be replaced by <test>a pretty cool TEST</test>, when there is a corresponding mapping.

I am using MOXy 2.6.2 and have tried the StreamReaderDelegate solution posted here:

Unfortunately, this solution is not working. The methods getText or gelElementText of StreamReaderDelegate never get called. I have checked MOXy's code and came to the conclusion that getText is only called for elements annotated with @XmlCDATA.

An XmlAdapter implementation cannot be used because the variable mapping is extended by the user at runtime, which means that it has a state.

Has anybody an idea how to achieve variable interpolation of XML element values in MOXy?
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