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Dirk Baeumer

todays integration build is all types cache free and has a new version of
Open Types dialog. The new dialog directly uses the search engine to
find types. Besides the memory improvements this has the dialog has the
following new feature:

- only one pane which shows all types. If they are ambiguous the type
  contains the necessary post qualification
- a build in MRU list of the last 50 opened types
- Camel Case pattern support: LHM takes you directly to LinkedHashMap.

Due to the history the dialogs opens even if the search engine is not
A corresponding job will be started in the back ground to refresh indices
if necessary. So even if the index isn't ready yet you can still pick types
from the history list.

However, this feature shows some bad behavior with todays build. Since
JDT/Core needs to rebuild all index files due to format change the dialog
will stay empty for a quite long time, showing progress in the right corner
above the table (Refreshing indices (... %)).  And since there aren't any
history entries yet there is nothing the user can do except waiting
to finish.

I will change the behavior of the dialog in a way that if the history is
I will do the index refreshing in a model context thread before the dialog
opens to better report progress.

If you think that the current behavior requires a rebuild, please let me
know and I will request one.

Please add additional comments on the new open type dialog to the

Thanks Dirk.

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