Project Lead election for Joe Grassel on EclipseLink

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Project Lead election for Joe Grassel on EclipseLink

A project lead election for Joe Grassel on project EclipseLink
(ee4j.eclipselink) was started by Lukas Jungmann with this criteria:

I am nominating Jody Grassel to help me leading the EclipseLink project.
Jody is the lead IBM developer working on EclipseLink.  He's been involved
with the JPA Specification, the Apache OpenJPA, and the EclipseLink projects
for over ten years.  He is the JPA and EclipseLink expert within IBM and is
getting more involved with the external community as well.  Jody has also
been helping out with the Jakarta-izing of the Specification in the related
Jakarta Persistence project.  His past contributions to the EclipseLink
project, expertise and willingness to learn makes Jody an excellent candidate
to co-lead this EclipseLink project.

EclipseLink project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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