Project Lead election for Lukas Jungmann on EclipseLink

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Project Lead election for Lukas Jungmann on EclipseLink

A project lead election for Lukas Jungmann on project EclipseLink
(ee4j.eclipselink) was started by Dmitry Kornilov with this criteria:

I don't have much time to dedicate it to EclipseLink leadership and want to
resign (but stay as a committer). The other two project leads are completely
inactive. I think they should be retired too.
I am nominating Lukas Jungmann to lead the project. Lukas is the main Oracle
developer working on EclipseLink. He is working on this project for more than
5 years and de-facto leading it. He is well known JPA and EclipseLink expert
inside Oracle and in Jakarta EE community. I believe Lukas is the best
candidate for the project lead role.

EclipseLink project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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