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Reviewer wanted for bug 451797

Andrey Loskutov
Hi all,

We have quite some bug reports related to UI freezes in IOConsolePartitioner$TrimJob (see bug 451797). I've investigated the code and made a proposal to fix it, see The root cause is a regression introduced by a fix for bug 108568 back into 2005, so unfortunately none of the involved developers from debug team were available for the review today. Funny enough, the broken tests mentioned in bug 108568 run fine with today's code with or without the fix for bug 108568, but we suffer today from UI freezes introduced by that (probably not more needed?) fix...

It would be nice if someone else would check the code in question and review the proposed patch

Sorry for cross-posting, I think this is more UI problem, but the code is located in the platform debug repository.

Kind regards,
Andrey Loskutov
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