Smoketesting BETA_J9 patch feature?

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Smoketesting BETA_J9 patch feature?

Stephan Herrmann-2
I just saw this comment on SO [1]:

"updated (or at least tried to ;) to 1.1.1v20170731-0938_BETA_JAVA9 which indeed enabled finding the sources inside modules from stacktrace but somehow wrecked eclipse completely, getting a steady error stream of "error in jdt core during ast creation problems occured when invoking code from plug-in org.eclipse.jdt.ui" and weird compile errors on javafx"

and then:

"the latest patch definitely doesn't work even with a clean installation of oxygen-r and the most recent ea 9_180, all win32 bit"

could it really be that bad, or should we ask for more problem details?


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