Updates to our mirroring system

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Updates to our mirroring system

Eclipse Webmaster (Denis Roy)
Greetings mirror maintainers,

tl;dr: ftp mirrors are removed, partial mirroring no longer supported

First -- thank you very much for your efforts in maintaining Open Source

We've made some changes to our mirroring system to improve the
reliability of downloads from within Eclipse.  Three things were done:

1. We've removed FTP mirrors. Most mirrors were available via http anyway
2. We've removed support for partial mirrors.  This was an artifact of a
time that has long since passed.
3. We're now actively keeping track of which mirrors are the most
reliable, and aggressively delist those that fail to return the
requested file

If you were only mirroring a partial tree and wish to mirror the entire
repository, you can consult the updated script at:

Let us know at [hidden email] so we can update our records and
re-list you on our downloads page.

If you were only mirroring a partial tree of download.eclipse.org and
can not mirror the entire repository, please let us know so we can
remove your RSYNC IP address from our ACL.

The complete list of Eclipse mirrors is below.  If you're mirroring all
of Eclipse but don't show up on the list, please contact us at
[hidden email]

Again, many thanks to all our mirror maintainers across the planet. We
appreciate everything you do.


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