Using junit eclipse test runner upon request

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Using junit eclipse test runner upon request

Joseph Gamal
Hi all
I sent this mail to "" and to ""eclipse.platform, but no one answedr , can any one
here help me as you are the developers ??

I want to make a specific task with junit test runner which jdt provide , but i don't know how
to do it.

All what i want to do , is to launch the workbench , and then interact with
a view i have , and then press a button somewhere (in my view , or may be in
eclipse junit runner view) , and at this point of time junit plugin test
should start running the test suite i have. Is this possible ?

I did the previous task using swing junit runner , but I don't know how to
do this with eclipse runner , or may be there is a better solution.

Here's what i did with swing junit runner:

In the run method of an action I have, I wrote the following code the
following code:
String[] args = { "-noloading", ""};
junit.swingui.TestRunner runner = new junit.swingui.TestRunner();
so , when i selected this action , the swing test runner
dialog is launched , and the test suite is tested.


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