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[aeri] Weekly Problem Digest for Remote TM

Error Reports Bot

New problems reported last week

Congrats, no problems in this section!

Active problems last month

  Summary Reporters Status Severity Bug
1. IOException in GetOutputStreamCommand$1.close 169 UNCONFIRMED normal -
2. NullPointerException in TerminalConsoleConnector$1.run 163 UNCONFIRMED normal -
3. NullPointerException in TerminalConsoleConnector$2.run 100 UNCONFIRMED normal -
4. IOException in JSchProcessBuilder.start 55 UNCONFIRMED normal -
5. CoreException in JschFileStore.openOutputStream 22 UNCONFIRMED normal -
6. IOException below LocalProcessBuilder$1.exec (thrown in ProcessImpl.create) 9 UNCONFIRMED normal -
7. SecurityException below RemoteConnectionWorkingCopy.save (thrown in LinuxPasswordProvider.saveMasterPassword) 9 UNCONFIRMED normal -
8. NoSuchElementException below OpenCommandShellHandler.execute (thrown in AbstractList$Itr.next) 8 UNCONFIRMED normal -
9. NoStackTrace in NewSerialPortConnectionWizard.getConnection 7 UNCONFIRMED normal -

Problem Resolution Statistics

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