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Francois Le Fevre
Dear Birt team,
I am new to Birt tool. I would like to generate a UML report from my uml file (uml or ecore) with Birt.
I was not able to do it by following the online tutorial.

But it seems to be hold, I was not able to view this example when downloading the Birt standalone platform.

My final goal is to generate an UML report directly from the UML model with a predefined rptdesign with a maven plugin.

Could you give any help?
Do you have any example with java code?
Do you have any predefined rptdesign file for uml file to generate a full report?
so I can encapusulate it in a maven plugin by my self for the community.

Thanks for your help.

Francois from France


Francois Le Fevre                     
Management Informatique Innovation Biotechnologies  
Paris, France
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