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Scott Lewis-2
Hi Folks,

This is mostly directed to Mat Booth.

Mat there are a couple of things to coordinate for M2 (I guess that's
the next milestone).   - Identifies some
typos in about.html in nearly every ECF plugin. Although the change is
small, it requires incrementing the micro version for every affected
bundle and that's a job I can't do this week.

There *might* be some changes for ECF's RSA impl based upon what is
required by this: - There is
apparently a recommendation (via Tom Watson) that service hooks not use
DS...but we currently are.   If this turns out to be necessary then I
can make the change pretty quickly, but I need to make sure it's
necessary first (see comments on issue).

There may be one other thing that I want to fix in the RSA impl.   No
bug for it yet as I'm not sure it's a bug yet.

So I think we'll need to coordinate around addressing these things for
M2 (or whenever)...and updaing maven central, etc.

Also, I would like to speak with you out of band wrt the ECF projects on
github...and whether we can get some of them on maven central as well.



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