null handling for @Embeddable with EclipseLink 2.5.2

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null handling for @Embeddable with EclipseLink 2.5.2

Michael Hoennig
Hello EclipseLink experts,

We experienced some strange behaviour with EclipseLink 2.5.2 and
@Embeddable/@Embedded when using change tracking with class weaving.

Let's say we have this @Embeddable:

public class SomeEmbeddable {

     private Long part1;

     private String part2;


and an entity like this:

public class SomeEntity {
     private SomeEmbeddable embeddable;

     public void setEmbeddable(SomeEmbeddable newEmbeddable) {
         this.embeddable = newEmbeddable;


now calling on a persistent entity: someEntity.setEmbeddable(null)

Thus assigning null to the @Embeddable field: no SET is generated for
this change in the UPDATE SQL statement.
With @ChangeTracking(DEFERRED) (like without class weaving) the SQL is
generated properly, though.

I searched the web for this and found several hints that null in
@Embedded fields is actually not allowed.
E.g. here:
and here:

and here a similar problem:

Does anybody know where this behaviour is specified? I can't find in the
JPA Specs that null is not allowed.

Even worse: When loading an @Embeddable with all values null,
EclipseLink does not create in instance, but just sets the @Embedded
field to null. Sounds like it's contradicting itself. I know, this
behaviour can be changed using
in a descriptor customizer.

Is it even allowed to exchange the whole @Embeddable instance? Or should
the distinct fields be assigned to get proper change tracking with class

Another observation we made in this context:

For a while we needed to annotate the @Embeddable with
@ChangeTracking(DEFERRED) because otherwise there was a memory leak. But
that caused the same problem as mentioned above until we also applied
the @ChangeTracking(DEFERRED) to the entity, then it worked again.

Are there any rules I should know about? Or is it simply a bug?

Thanks in advance
... Michael

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